Heaven that Dwells in Lowly Vales....

Lily of the Valley

lily-of-the-valley-renate-nadi-wesley copy.jpg

     Lily of the Valley or Botanical Latin; Convallaria app. (cousin to the Mayflower) is a ground cover prized for the intoxicating fragrance of the little white bell shaped flowers that cling down the stem in such delicate order.  Its fragrance is like no other.  A May blooming gem, the Lily of the Valley is long lived and long cherished.  An easy plant to establish with little effort involved.  Over a period of a few short years, with appropriate soil preparation, this plant will spread its runners in soft loamy semi shaded areas.  The short ground cover will mass itself quicker than in harder soils.  It should be places where it will be well loved. A dedicated bed for this plant is desirable because it will continue to grow and grow and grow. The right plant for the right place is the first consideration with any plant.

      In my garden, I desire its ability to mass!  In May, I pick bouquets and bouquets of it to fill my rooms with their natural perfume.  And, there is nothing like their simplistic beauty.  They are also available in pink; but, I prefer the classic white.  It reminds me of my youth and of all the dear ones that have graced my life with loveliness.   I must say that the pink variety and the striped foliage variety are certainly treasures to have in any garden.   

I marvel at the symbolism of plants like that of poetry of the ages.  Lily of the Valley is known for its strength, endurance, and for its constant reminder of Spring Eternal.  Internationally, it is the symbol of Peace. Personally, for me, it is the symbol of the joy of remembrance. 

Kate Ritchie