Blues in the Barn 2019
6:00 PM18:00

Blues in the Barn 2019

Live Music Blues to Bluegrass!

Friday September 27th

6pm - 10pm

$20.00 suggested donation includes chili, cornbread & cider

The New Florida Blues Band featuring…..

Barry Chern / mandolin, harp, guitar, and clarinet

Chris Novy / percussion

Tom De Lombarde / tuba

Andy Cohen / guitar & yodeler

Standby Revival featuring…..

Brian Gingerich / guitar & banjo

Ray Ritchie / guitar & mandolin

Kate Ritchie / flute & vocals

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A Night of Leonard
6:00 PM18:00

A Night of Leonard

Come join us in.....

Tower of Song


An Evening of Words filled with Passion  

This event will be filled with deep meaning and reflection. We are a small farm and our events help and support allows us to  continue our family legacy that has sustained our family for nearly one hundred years; and, provide a great forum for community happenings!

$25 per person suggested donation to enjoy the screening of the newly released Tower of Song Concert...

Plus, live performances of original and classic Leonard tunes along with recitations of poetry from the beloved artist.  

The donation will also include a sublime dinner of local fare! 



Coffee House and Fresh Bakery from The Bakehouse will be available for sale.


Disclaimer: All of our Blue Pear events that are held are considered to be private events.  This event will be held on the second floor of our barn and can only be accessed by a slope and a set of stairs. Thank you.



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7:00 PM19:00

HollyHock and the Glory of the Bloom!

Hollyhocks and the Glory of the Bloom!  No other flower is as adaptable in untreated soil as the Hollyhock. It's stalk is strong and it's blooms are statuesque.  Beautiful in any landscape.  Garden Designer, Carol Palansky, will be on hand sing the praises of this amazing bloom! She will give pointers on how to cultivate this steadfast glory for your very own!   

Cost: TBA

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3:00 PM15:00

HypaTuffa Workshop

Design and make your own hypatuffa container.  You may pick up your cured project once it is cured approximately one week from the date of the workshop.  We will be on hand at the farm on Saturday June 23 when you arrive.    Cost: TBA

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10:00 AM10:00

Powerful Pollinators

  • Strength in Numbers: Pollinators.  We BEElieve that everyone can and should care for these life givers! They deserve our help and; frankly, we need the food supply!  Weather permitting  there will be a walking field tour of our USDA inspected pollinator field.  It will be a day to discuss a day in the life of an apiarist!    Cost: $15.00
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10:00 AM10:00

Garden Planning

Event Postponed. Rescheduled Date to be Announced!

  • Garden Planning with Carol, An Accomplished Landscape Designer, Arborist, and Farmer.  The old saying is to work smarter not harder.  Carol will take you through the steps if you are  first time gardener or just a little rusty! She will answer any questions or concerns from the experienced gardener, as well! Either way, it is a opportunity to get together and encourage one another in the timeless tradition of gardening. Flower or vegetable.  It is that time of year, again!!!     Cost: $15.00
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