The Bakehouse

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No Artifical Additives or Preservatives Just......

Red Currents. Black Currents. Blackberries. Strawberries. Raspberries. Blueberries. Elderberries. Cherries. Peaches. Apples. Pears. Plums. Cane Sugar, Pectin!

Everything is homemade! Everything is Farm to Table!!

No processed jams and jellies for our baked goods. We believe every occasion is made sweeter by real honest ingredients!

We grow our own summer berries, succulent pears, juicy peaches, and heirloom apples here at Blue Pear Farm!

Featured below: The small Pie / blueberry

Small: $10.00 each. Great:$30.00

Small batch assorted pies available on a daily basis. Limited supply.


All Pies Great and Small

Butter flaked crust on our blueberry pies

Each a Treasure

of the batch.

Organic grains from scratch.

Eggs for the glaze.

Sugar of cane.

Ah! Those Waning Summer Days

Jewels from an indigo patch!


Please note that our sweets are really special and cost well above the grocery store average because we use real butter, organic 100% pure vanilla, whole grain wheat, and unbleached organic flour. Plus, they are made in Small Batches!

No artificial flavors or preservatives! No high fructose corn syrup.  No fillings in plastic bags! No fillings out of cans!  

Prices and selections vary and are dependent upon availability and market value.  Call in or email your pie order! Your jam and jelly order! Your bread order! Your Confection order!

We also provide personal and unique gift packaging at an additional cost!  

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Look Out for the Stone Pizza Oven Coming Soon!  We supply the dough and the old fashioned brick fire and you supply the toppings and the fun!!!  Make reservations to make it a Small Group night out!