A Carol Design

of Blue Pear Farm and Gardens


The expression of Natural Beauty begins with

A Carol Design!


A Carol Design is


a special event! It is all about hardscapes and softscapes and you! This sketch of an outdoor adobe style fireplace was hand drawn specifically from details given by the client. Much research is involved to highlight natural light, the shape and contour of your property and the shape of your lifestyle! Repeated computer generated plans are never used with A Carol Design. In fact, many customers will request to keep their sketch as a meaningful reminder of the transformation right before their eyes! Design dreams really do come true!

Vertical and Container Gardens for small spaces. Large designs for the ambitious!!!

Floral Arrangements for any occasion!

Staging for your property or special event is our pleasure!


Certified Arborist /Landscape Designer/


Carol Palansky has over 28 years of experience and all the success stories of her clients that have had a established working relationship with her through the years! Above are just a few examples of the versatility scope, and range of her designs.

The initial consult always is about getting to know your style! Is it whimsical or formal? Is it practical or over-the-top? Is it for a one-time event or is it to establish a timeless year after year display of fragrance and color? Carol listens carefully and consults before the work gets started. Suggestions are made throughout the design process and are based upon proper soil tests and on your environment. Voila! The connection is made and the right fit for you is then created!

Blue Pear Farm and Gardens would like to thank the working crew of Nature's Way of Chesterland, Ohio for all the hard work that went into helping make the above designs a reality! Only the best for, A carol Design!  


A Carol Design

of Blue Pear Farm and Gardens


A Carol Design

of Blue Pear Farm and Gardens

Designs are all about wonder!

For me, landscape design is the architecture
and art present in the soul.....
my way is to listen as closely as I can...
— Carol Lynn